Project Management

We believe that having a structured approach to project management is key to the successful delivery of any project. Saiana Technologies hold an extensive body of knowledge and experience in managing IT projects. Our methodology is based on a collaborative approach with our clients.
From the smallest software development project to the implementation of complex programmes, Saiana Technologies can provide top quality project management skills to its clients. The success stories of our clients in the outcome of their projects are our “unit of measure of success”.

Consulting Services

Saiana Technologies are dedicated to assisting its clients transform technological innovations into real business solutions. Today, we boast of both the technology expertise and an unparalleled experience in a broad range of advanced technology products necessary to provide a comprehensive spectrum.
Our unique approach combines an innovative array of services with focused delivery capabilities and a tested and approved methodology to help maximize the benefits of investment in technology.

1. On Site Consulting:

Saiana Technologies provide Consultants in various domains Ranging from Client Server, web services to ERP. Speed, Accuracy, Precision and Proven performance are the main objective of DTS. The changing face of information Technology spectrum is changing the dynamics of information technology consultants. Burning demand for consulting and permanent professionals has driven many business majors towards dynamic staffing organizations. This need for minor yet continuous software enhancement and maintenance usually translates into a demand for on-site consulting.
Saiana is one of the leading online providers of career development resources and technical expertise to the Information Technology (IT) professionals. Saiana supports organizations across every industry by helping them find develop and retain the IT talent required to optimize mission-critical technology.
Saiana provides both consultants and permanent professionals who make a profound and immediate impact by creating solutions that last. Saiana has a unique blend of experienced and talented software professionals. We place some of our best consultants at client sites to service their needs. The experience and skills of the consultant are thus integrated into those of the client's development team. Placement of software consultants at client sites is done within the framework, which ensures an appropriate match of talent at client sites but also guarantees complete client satisfaction. The pool of skills available in Info Dyne is being continuously upgraded through addition of new talent and training. Some of the generic skills currently available include:
Languages & scripts: Java, XML, HTML, Perl, C++, C, PL/SQL, ASP, .Net
Middleware: Tuxedo
Database: Oracle, SQL Server
Standards & protocols: CORBA, IIOP, EJB, JDBC, ODBC, COM /DCOM
Web Servers: Apache, IIS, and Netscape Enterprise.
Operating Systems: Windows NT, HP-UX, SOLARIS, and AIX.
Application servers: Weblogic & Netscape Application Server.

2. Off-site Outsourcing Consulting:

Saiana is a solution-oriented technology consulting and development firm. We have considerable expertise in applying cutting edge technology related to software development and Internet technologies.
With a perfect blend of technical and strategic skills Saiana offers some of the best services for IT demands. Using modern technology, methods and communications.
We have all the skills you are looking for. Developers, team leaders, managers, analysts and many other skills required by modern IT projects. Using technical and interpersonal skills we can assist you in solving technical problems. We undertake Offsite Outsourcing / consulting in these areas:
· Web-based application development.
· Offshore Call Centers and Customer Support handling
· Oracle, Sybase, MS SQL Server
· Systems analysis and design
· ERP Project management.
· Customized Software Development.

3. Turnkey Projects:
Saiana has built a team of committed people, well versed in Project Management Methodologies and Quality Procedures to provide turnkey software solutions. Saiana Technologies Specializes in the following areas in providing Turnkey Solutions:
· Application & Product Development.
· Product Maintenance & Support Services.
· Consulting & Project Management.
· E-Commerce & Web Services.
· VOIP Network , Communications Design & Telecom Services.